La Fleur Shoppe

35 Main Street, Proserpine 4800

Ph: 0434373737

At the heart of La Fleur Shoppe is the masterful work of Trinity, a skilled local florist whose artistry transforms blooms into breathtaking arrangements. Each floral creation is a testament to Trin’s passion for capturing the beauty of the region in every petal and stem, providing patrons with an opportunity to bring the natural allure of the Whitsundays into their homes.

Complementing Trinity’s floral wonders is a boutique adorned with an eclectic selection of handmade treasures crafted by talented local artists. From intricately designed jewellery to everyone’s favourite candle designs to clothing ideal for The Whitsundays, each piece tells a story of the vibrant and diverse artistic community thriving within the Whitsundays.

By showcasing these unique creations, La Fleur Shoppe serves as a platform for some selected local artists to share their talent and connect with a broader audience.

A haven for those with an appreciation for all things artful and locally crafted, this unique establishment showcases a delightful array of offerings curated to capture the essence of the Whitsundays.