Plan your trip

Talk to a local

Get advice during your stay at the yellow and blue Visitor Information Centres dotted throughout Queensland. Here you’ll find local area information and hints on what to see and do, booking services for accommodation, activities and transport, and complimentary maps and brochures.

Road conditions

Before heading onto the open road it is a good idea to check the latest road conditions at RACQ Traffic and Road Condition Website.


Pack for warm weather – expect warm summers and mild winters in Queensland, with majority sunny days. The state is subtropical in the south, and tropical up north – it’s the latter that experiences a defined wet season through summer, that’s humid and hot, with a slightly cooler dry season through winter.

When it comes to what to wear, casual, lightweight clothes are reliable. Temperatures can drop in the southern part of the state, where a jacket or sweatshirt may also be required. But no matter where you are in Queensland, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are always recommended alongside a long-sleeve shirt to protect you from the state’s strong UV ra