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Mungungo V’s The World Cricket Charity Fundraiser Day

Mungungo Versus The World Cricket day is all about raising funds for much-needed charities and organisations. Always a fun day of cricket, catching up with mates having a feed and a drink while enjoying the nice fresh country air. There is a Bar (no BYO), canteen, shaded area to sit down or bring your own […]

Lake Cania

Lake Cania is situated north of the Cania Gorge National Park about 11 kilometres from the Cania Gorge Picnic Area. The lake sits on the banks of Three Moon Creek which is a tributary of the Burnett River. The lake has a capacity of 88,500 megalitres and is constructed from earth and rockfill that reach […]

Cania Gorge National Park

Cania Gorge National Park preserves a valuable remnant of the Brigalow Belt country. Along with plant communities including brigalow forest, eucalypt woodland, cypress pine woodland, dry rainforest and grassland, you’ll discover the sandstone landscapes of cliffs and fern-covered pools, where you might just spot a grazing rock wallaby, sunbathing rainbow skink, a hunting lace monitor, […]

Bloodwood Cabin

The natural remedy to modern life. Designed and created by The Burnham’s and a few expert builder friends, Bloodwood Cabin mimics the natural world that surrounds it while creating experiences with a touch of lux. The warm earthy Ironbark and Blue Gum timber harvested with care and milled on the property are some of the […]

Natural Playground

This drive itinerary feels purpose-made for nature lovers, history buffs, beef connoisseurs and those who like to get active.