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Peak Range Lookout – Capella

Travel one kilometre south of Capella to the Peak Range Lookout and take in the beauty of ‘The Peaks’, a chain of gigantic conical and dome-topped mountains. The Peak Range Lookout is located beside the Gregory Highway (Great Inland Way), one kilometre south of Capella on top of the Springvale rolling hill. The everyday changing […]

Capella Light Pole Murals

Don’t miss the wall and pole murals in Peak Downs Street. The pole near the pub commemorates the fact that the placing of emu plumes in the Australian Light Horse Brigade hats began at Capella during the Great Shearer’s Strike of 1891. Stretch your legs and enjoy the 30 historical murals painted on the light […]

Dooleys Capella

The Dooley family has warmly welcomed locals and travellers to their hotels for more than 75 years. Whether you’re on the trip of a lifetime, a family holiday, a weekend getaway or a work trip, you’ll feel at home with us. Dooleys Capella offers some of the best accommodation in the region. Constructed by an […]

Picturesque Country

This itinerary is a tour of some of Central
Queensland’s most picturesque country towns, sewn together with a living history of iconic conquests and some of the lowest lows.