An easy one-hour drive from Taroom you’ll find a kind of old-world elegance in the palm tree lined streets and gracious old wooden buildings of Theodore. This is the town that water built. Established as the first irrigation project in Queensland, Theodore is still home to the Glebe Weir, which can be seen from the road. The Queensland Government’s original vision was for hundred of high-quality farms and agricultural projects to find their home in the region.

Today, it’s highly successful in sheep, cattle, sorghum, wheat and cotton thanks to its rich black soil.

A wonderful homage to Theodore’s heritage can be found at Rose’s Garden, next to the Fire Station. The result of 20 years of dedicated love by local couple Jeanette and Spencer Rose, the garden inspires visitors to return each year to witness its growth and change.

Don’t miss the classic white weatherboard exterior of Theodore Hotel on The Boulevard. Aside from being an authentic example of Aussie pub charm, Theodore Hotel is the subject of a great yarn. It is, in fact, the only hotel owned by an entire community. Each resident took ownership of a 25 cent stake in the hotel in the 1920’s. The Hotel is a quirky place for a delicious meal or even to stay overnight.