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Inland Wonders

Good old-fashioned pub grub on sprawling verandahs, natural wonders millions of years in the making and the home of the platypus – these short trips inland from Mackay are worth every minute.

Modern Metro, Old School Charm

From one rural city to another, this itinerary is a little bit metro and a whole lot of authentic charm. You’ll find some of the most unforgettable natural experiences of your life on this drive. Get ready.

Unforgettable Memories

This itinerary is an unforgettable mix of rustic outback wilderness, living history, intoxicating art, diverse dining, a touch of little city life and just as many ways to dive into enjoying it. Time to make some memories.

Picturesque Country

This itinerary is a tour of some of Central
Queensland’s most picturesque country towns, sewn together with a living history of iconic conquests and some of the lowest lows.

Stop & Explore

Pioneering homesteads, the secret hiding spot of European explorers, the battleground of dark days in Australian history and some of the most beautifully wild national parks in Central Queensland all offer wonderful reasons to stop and explore on this history and nature lover’s itinerary.