Picturesque Country


This itinerary is a tour of some of Central
Queensland’s most picturesque country towns, sewn together with a living history of iconic conquests and some of the lowest lows.


Start your journey back in time under the broad-leafed bottle tree just off the southern approach to town where you’ll find a small historical cemetery that dates from 1930 to 1976. Introduce yourself to some of the town’s unforgettable personalities by taking the Characters of Injune walk. Read more


Springsure is the next town on this itinerary, however there is one stop on this 2 hour and 25 minute drive north of Injune that cannot be missed – Carnarvon National Park. It’s great white peaks alone are worth the journey. Once you arrive in Springsure get into the outlaw spirit of Central Queensland’s early days and pay homage to some of the country’s darkest history. Read more


Our next port of call is another town of historic train stations, butterfly-filled gardens and art galleries manifested by passionate local curators. Read more


Pull out the camera once again for the 39 minute drive north to Capella. The Central Highlands town is set against a backdrop of the Peak Ranges, ancient volcanic godly figures that seem to stare down on the community and the sapphire fields beyond. For the best view in town head to Peak Range Lookout, which is 1km south of Capella itself. Read more


Outside the Centre’s walls history is painted across the town in a series of impressive murals depicting railway carriages, the cattle industry and a lone shearer wandering the dry plains of Central Queensland. See if you can spot the hidden green frog in every mural. Read more