Historic & Heart-pumping


This itinerary has a historic pioneering heart and the promise of heart-pumping excitement. Imagine learning the art of fossicking in sapphire fever country.


Blackwater’s Japanese sister city, Fujisawa. Let’s swap the minute manicured details of the Japanese Garden to the sprawling raw beauty of the Blackdown Tableland National Park, just more than 30 minutes’ drive from Blackwater. Watch the dry plains of the surrounding area transform into the coolness of the tableland canopy and its sandstone plateaus rising high above it. Read more


Emerald is an easy 45-minute drive from Blackwater. It is a tranquil Central Highlands town nestled into the Nogoa River. There’s an authentic country charm to Emerald that you can feel in every ‘G’day’ and smile as you walk down the street. Read more

The Gemfields

For more than 100 years, pioneers have travelled to the gem fields with the hope of getting lucky or finding the big one. Even today, the local pubs are full of stories of pans full of gems. The streets are lined with gem shops and galleries with professional gemcutters available to facet your very own find and jewellers ready to set them into a piece of jewellery that is truly unique. Read more

Short trips from Emerald

Lake Maraboon
Drop a line straight from your rented kayak, cool off with a swim or take in the beautiful views on a walk around the lake.

Carnarvon Gorge
The spot is full of ancient rock art, including ochre stencils, rock engravings and freehand paintings on natural sandstone overhangs.

Minerva Hills National Park
This national park offers many walking trails with a huge variety of wildlife and plants.