Get ready for drama (and a little bit of tragedy). When you are in one of the most historic towns in Northern Australia there is bound to be a story around every corner. The first inland settlement in the tropics, this is a frontier town to its very core. Our story begins with a group of shepherds who were sent to the area to set up an outpost camp. While they were building huts, they found gold. This prompted the town to be gazetted as Clermont in 1864. The days following were laced with gold rushes, copper mines, timber industry, shearers, stockmen and squatters.

In a town of this historic pedigree, the Clermont Historical Centre simply cannot be missed. There are more than 8,000 artefacts reflecting the dramatic history on display. Outside the Centre’s walls history is painted across the town in a series of impressive murals depicting railway carriages, the cattle industry and a lone shearer wandering the dry plains of Central Queensland. See if you can spot the hidden green frog in every mural.