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Japanese Gardens, Blackwater

83 Capricorn Highway, Blackwater 4717

Ph: 0749824142

The Japanese Gardens in Blackwater are reputed to be the best of their kind in Queensland. The gardens mark the relationship between Blackwater and its sister city, Fujisawa in Japan.

The Japanese Gardens are an ideal spot to sit, relax and take in the serenity. The traditional garden features various styles used in Japanese gardening. The use of white gravel stones denotes water flowing from a waterfall. The placement of rocks within the gravel patterns symbolize the planets in space.

The lanterns represent various facets of life and the Goju no tou lantern represents elements of water, fire, earth, wind and air. An Azumaya, (sitting house) is for tea ceremonies or for just relaxing and being at one with the beauty of nature. The pond is an integral part of any Japanese garden as are all the elements of nature.

Entry is free for the public, via Blackwater International Coal Centre on the Capricorn Highway, located between Emerald and Rockhampton.