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Platypus Viewing at Broken River

Eungella Dam Road, Eungella 4757

Ph: 1300130001 / 0749445888

Eungella National Park, approximately a one hour drive west of Mackay, is home to one of the most reliable spots in Australia to spot the elusive platypus – in the wild!

From the viewing decks at Broken River, spot this shy creature in its natural habitat, as well as turtles and other wildlife in this beautiful National Park. The best times to see this special monotreme are at dawn or dusk.

The Broken River bridge also provides an excellent vantage point to see platypus swimming in the river below. Platypus are quite shy, so remain as still and as quiet as possible to increase your chances of seeing one. Also, keep an eye out for air bubbles, as the platypus feeds from the bottom but surfaces to chew its food and breathe.

Between bushwalks, stop for a bite to eat at Platypus Lodge Cafe, where you can also read some information about the national park.

There are 22 kilometres of walking trails in Eungella, as well as accommodation, restaurants and cafes. Try to spot a platypus if you can!