While today Springsure is a charming country town and a natural paradise, it’s past is full of outlaws and some of the darkest days in Australia’s history. Since 1859 there has been a township here, although it wasn’t gazetted until 1863.

Horror marked its earliest days with European pioneers routinely treating the local indigenous people with horrible violence. The Cullin-la-ringo massacre was the largest recorded massacre of white Australians in the country’s history. Infamous run-away cattle thieves ran through Springsure all the way from New South Wales, even starting a horse racing venture in town before moving on to darker deeds elsewhere.

With all the shades of dark, Springsure is today a town of warm welcomes and fields of sunflowers. All its colours are on display at the Old Rainworth Station which also includes the old Cairdbeign School and Homestead, dating back to the 1870’s. The owners are a wealth of knowledge regarding the local history.

The Fly’n Horse Shoe Museum and Historical Association Museum offer local memorabilia and a replica old slab depicting pioneering life. Pull your head out of the history books long enough for a day trip to Carnarvon Gorge National Park. The gorge itself is an incredible site, running for more than 30km and ranging in width from 40-400m.