Glenden is a modern mining town built in 1981. It’s a 1 hour 50 minute drive from Mackay, or if you’ve stopped in Nebo it’s another 54 minutes from there. Nature lovers should consider stopping at Homevale National Park, just 30 minutes north of Nebo. You’ll find yourself surrounded by 30-million-year-old cliffs, peaks and spires. The park is home to a diverse array of landscapes including grassy open woodlands, vine forests and towering eucalyptus trees. Scientists have also found important fossil deposits dating back to 280 million years ago. Glenden is also within easy reach of another important natural attraction – Lake Elphinstone.

The natural permanent waterbody was an important food and water source for Aboriginal people and a meeting point for the Jangga, Barada Barna and Wiri people. You can still find rock art at nearby Burton Downs. If you don’t feel like driving back to Mackay that day, Lake Elphinstone is a great place to set up camp and take advantage of an early morning fish or kayak the next day.