There is a natural warmth to this place that is built from a pioneering past, when people learned to rely on each other. The chapters of Biloela’s past are alive throughout the town.

Visit Queensland Heritage Park, the huge brightly painted ‘silo’ on Exhibition Ave acting as a welcome beacon to travellers. Embracing the Australian spirit, the park showcases the nation’s pioneering history with a remarkable collection of photographs, artefacts, giant murals, the first Presbyterian Church (circa 1930’s), old Railway Station (1920’s) and unique collection of vintage machinery.

Or walk the wide verandahs of Greycliffe Homestead, home to the Nott Family for 100 years. Imagine it full of the sounds of seven children growing up. Along with the Spirit of the Land Mural on State Farm Road, these stunning attractions pay homage to the men, women and machinery that over generations created a legacy of prosperity.

Step back into the present and try your hand at painting with art workshops offered by Banana Shire Regional Gallery. Or visit Mount Scoria near Thangool, a 10 minute drive from ‘Bilo’, where magnificent musical basalt columns reach for the sky. A short cultural interpretive Class 3 walk at the base of the mountain reveals hidden stories of traditional custodians – the Gangalu people, unique vine thickets and incredible birdlife.

Alternatively, visit the expansive Callide Dam, generously stocked with hard hitting barramundi. Pull up alongside a sunken forest of dead trees and get ready to start fighting as soon as your lure hits the water. The Dam has a shaded barbeque and picnic area with a playground for the kids. It’s a great space to end your time in Biloela.

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Everyone says ‘G’day’ with a smile and a nod as you walk down the wide streets of Biloela. It’s friendly, warm and welcoming. Buildings wear the tell-tale signs of progress through the decades. Eclipsing other towns as a regional centre, Biloela had some help along the way.